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Lacrosse Boys Head Coach Jim Andre To Step Down

After considerable thought, Coach Jim Andre has decided to step away from the Boys Lacrosse Head Coach position after seven years at the helm to dedicate more time to his family. Although we thank him for the state titles, sectional championships, and numerous opportunities he opened up for our student athletes, his greatest contribution is the individual relationships he built with his players that went far beyond how they did on the lacrosse field. We want to publicly thank Jim for all his hard work, dedication, compassion, enthusiasm and personal sacrifice for Victor Lacrosse - the program is in a better place today than ever before! We are eternally grateful!

Over the next two months, the Victor Athletic Department will be conducting an extensive search for our new head coach, including an interview committee composed of Student Athletes, Coaches, Administrators and Community Members. We will update the community as needed.

Letter to the Community from Coach Andre:

Hello Victor Boys Lacrosse Community,

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” – Vince Lombardi

I have chosen to discontinue my role as Head Boys Varsity Lacrosse Coach here at Victor. I have held this position since
the Spring season of 2013. I am confident the Victor Lacrosse program will continue to flourish under new leadership. I
look forward to helping make this transition smooth and successful. I do hope to continue my role, at some level, as a
coach here in the Victor Boys Lacrosse program.

As a lacrosse community, together, we accomplished many things.

As a program of the last 7 seasons, since 2013, we have:
  • Won the league title each season.
  • Won the Sectional Title the last 6 years in a row (’14, ’15, ’16, ’17, ’18, ’19). Our record in Sectional games is 20-1. The one loss being in 2013 when we lost in the finals in triple overtime.
  • Won 4 State Championships, making it to the State finals the last 5 years.
  • Enjoyed a 50 game win streak.
  • Had we played the 2020 season, I am confident this success would have continued.
  • Our program has led the Section V area in All Americans with Eight.
As proud as we should be of our on field success, I feel our success off the field needs to be mentioned.
We have had some truly remarkable young men come through the program. I foresee many of them becoming the
leaders this world needs. We have alumni continuing their play at the Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, and Club Level. I am proud of all
of them and know they bring their Victor work ethic with them.

So many people to thank.

Mark Foeder- The original head coach here at Victor. Knowledgeable. Caring. Passionate and hard working. “The
Wizard”- he knows how to get the best out of our players. Victor lacrosse is a huge part of Coach Foeder, and Coach
Foeder is a huge part of Victor Lacrosse.
Tony Pezzimenti- I first noticed Coach Pez’s ability to teach at the youth level. I brought him into the school program
immediately, and he has produced outstanding players at the secondary level. Tony has great knowledge of the game in
both skills and strategy.
Todd Thompson- First year in 2019. Excited to learn and contribute to something great. Great addition to our staff. Has
put a lot of effort into working with our Goalies and Face Off personnel.
Bryan Lischerelli- Keeping consistency at the JV level for years. Teaching not only how to win as seen by his incredible
record, but has a ton of knowledge of the game and instills it in all of our players. Coaches with poise and class.
Mark Cain- as a JV asst, is instrumental in teaching our players defense. Coach Cain is Lisch’s partner in putting the best
JV team in the State on the field season after season. Coach Cain brings energy and intensity to all we do.
Dan Stone- as a Modified Coach, our players are prepared for the JV and the Varsity level. That is very apparent. Coach
Stone is also a huge help with our varsity assisting in many capacities. Very organized and an excellent communicator.
Our Mod players are the regions best.
Kevin Geno- I have known Coach Geno since he was a player here at Victor. Through the years, it has been fun to watch
him evolve from player, to coach, and give so much back to Victor. Great educator. Our Mod players are the regions
Bill Kirnie- as a modified coach who brings varsity coaching experience to Victor, I am honored our program attracts
great coaches such as Bill who want to contribute.
Mike Ierlan- a former Victor coach deserving of being mentioned. His passion is contagious and his attention to detail
makes everyone on the roster better.
Niki Frunzi, Head Coach of the Girls Program. LaxFest is a huge success because of the collaboration between the boys
and girls progams, and Coach Frunzi has worked hard to make this happen.

Ron Whitcomb- Mr. Whitcomb took a chance on me. I was the modified lacrosse coach at the time. He saw in me the
ability to organize, to care, to teach, to learn, to lead. Very supportive and shared in celebrating our success.
Duey Weimer- Mr. Weimer has supported me in all that we want to do in lacrosse. He shares our vision of success. In
season, off season, He recognizes the hard work of our athletes and coaches. I am confident Mr. Weimer will find a new
leader of our program to continue our mission.

PAST and PRESENT Directors of Youth Lacrosse I have worked with.
Andy Cooney, Tony Pezzimenti, Mike Lambert, Jason Gotham- The hours you put in are amazing. Your vision for success
brought us to where we are. Our School level lacrosse is at the level it is because of your efforts in the youth program.
Past and Present BOOSTER CLUB members
Dan Callahan- Current Booster Club President- Dan has a can-do attitude. He is think ahead leader who can foresee
issues and solves them, taking them off my plate as head coach. He has served twice in this role and has done an
amazing job.
Past Presidents I have had the priviledge of working with: Thank you for your leadership and assistance.
Julie LaRue, Dave Pogoda, Jeff Bartkoski, and Kim Young
To ALL past and current Booster Club members (Susan Gravino, Anne Mitchko, Marcie Seiler, Lisa McCandless, Jeremy
Wheeler, Christine Robbins, Dara Pavia)- your role has been so important in supporting our players.
Thank you for all your time.

Wife Colleen- Colleen has supported me through all of this. Lacrosse has been an adventure, and it was made better by
having the best wife to share it with. Her excitement and passion for this program is so genuine. Being a Head Coach has
emotional moments- she is always there.
Sons Clark and Will- Being the Coaches son is not easy. Both of my boys handled it with grace. I am glad they supported
me as I took on this position. Fun to watch them grow from youth to mod to JV to Varsity.
Daughter Alaina- As coach, there were many of her games/on field moments I missed. She never complained. I look
forward to supporting/ cheering on the girls program from the stands- I am confident the girls program will be doing
great things.

Final Thought:
Victor Lacrosse is bigger than any one person, it is certainly bigger than me. The Coaches, Players, Boosters, Parents, and
the Community in general all have a role in the success of Victor Lacrosse. Because so many contribute to our program, I
have complete faith this lacrosse program will continue its upward trajectory under new leadership. My heart is still
aching over not playing the 2020 season. It “fills my tank” knowing the 2020’s have found success in their post-Victor
lives. I am confident the class of 2021 is going to have a successful season this Spring. Our 2021’s are skilled, focused,
and will carry this program into the next phase. The 2021’s are the perfect group to start a new chapter in Victor

Be well,
Jim Andre