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Hello Blue Devil Nation!  There has been a lot of news regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic over the past couple of weeks, and we appreciate your continued patience and adherence to the Physical Distancing Guidelines.  The Victor Central School District is closely monitoring the recommendations from the Local Health Departments and Governmental Agencies, and all decisions have been and will continue to be 'globally' based.  We will continue to weigh our options if/when we return regarding our Interscholastic-Athletics Programming; however, our primary goal is the health, safety and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches, families, officials and supporters.  At this time, all athletic events and campus activities will be postponed until further notice.

I'm continually impressed with our athletes' resiliency, and appreciate their honesty (especially during our weekly virtual buzz sessions).  Our Spring Coaching Staff, Strength and Conditioning Department, and Athletic Trainer are here to help our athletes thrive in these times of uncertainty, and there's no amount of gratitude that I could express for their efforts and creativity to stay connected in this time of 'distancing.'  

The VCS website has vital information regarding the COVID-19 pause, as well -  Please consider using this resource for more information as it is released. 

Please be sure to reach out if you have any questions/concerns - Be Safe!
Mr. Weimer
We had the opportunity to have a Zoom Buzz Session this morning with student-athletes Adam Barbato, Rushawn Baker, Kylie Gelabert, Logan Brasacchio, Eva Pronti, Emma Werkmeister and Cal Lambert.  Thank you to our Special Guests Ian Hurlburt (Athletic Trainer), Mike Ferreri (Coach), Brian Siesto (SH Principal) and Dr. Tim Terranova (Superintendent) for attending, as well!  There were some questions regarding what grading will look like, and classes over Spring Break - As of 4:30pm (3/31/20), Distant Learning will continue as directed by Governor Andrew Cuomo over the Spring Break period.  Our discussions included... 

Who has shaped/influenced you in your life?
- Most students mentioned their parents and current/previous coaches.  I'm continually amazed by the positive impact our staff can have on our athletes, and I'm thankful for such supportive parents in our community!
What positive aspect(s) has sport had on your life?
- Coach Ferreri mentioned that much of who he is today was learned by his participation as an athlete (what to do and what not to do).  Others stated that the life lessons they've learned have given them the tools to 'thrive' in unpredictable situations (like today), and the support structures necessary if/when help is needed... being a good teammate and friend!
What do you think is the biggest on-going issue faced by Senior High Student-Athletes and what can we do to help you and your teammates on these issues?
- Time Management was discussed in great detail as many of our athletes have a variety of interests and responsibilities.  Even with the current situation, developing a routine is as crucial now, more-than-ever.  We need to stay socially connected (although physically apart), and continue to have a sense of connection with our peers and influential adults.  Whether its through social media challenges, virtual high-fives, catch or relays, using the TrainHeroic App or zoom meetings... being separated 'physically' for this short period doesn't mean that we can't continue to work together and socially interact.

Thank you again to the student-athletes and guests for attending and participating in this Buzz Session.  I appreciate the opportunity to see, speak and interact with you and look forward to the next meeting!

The MCPSAC Athletic Administrators are continuing to meet regularly to discuss potential options for the Spring 2020 season - As long as we're being responsible, safe and following health professional recommendations.  We are brainstorming ways to celebrate our programs and athletes, recognize their hard work, and to provide a quality interscholastic-program (whatever that may 'look like') in the near future.  Athletic Departments are also working diligently on the upcoming 2020-2021 seasons... alignments, schedules, rules, regulations, bylaws, and more.  The leadership within Section V and the Monroe County Public School Athletic Conference is phenomenal, and I appreciate the level of collegiality amongst all Athletic Directors that I have the privilege of working with - Thank you!

Continue to be Safe, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!
Mr. Weimer
The situation we're all in continues to be challenging for everyone - academically, physically, mentally, socially and more!  This 'season' of physical isolation will eventually end, as long as we all practice social/physical distancing, and I'm hopeful that we can continue our interscholastic-athletic programming as quickly as possible.  The Monroe Country Public School Athletic Conference (MCPSAC) Athletic Directors are continually in conversation regarding the status of our Spring Season, and we're researching all of our options, AS LONG AS we're following the health and safety guidelines imposed by the State and Local Health Departments.  Continue to utilize the resources you have in the Voluntary Recommendations area, reach out to me in the Questions/Comments/Feedback area, and/or contact your coach for more information and guidance - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!

Did you know that the Junior High is doing a 10-Day Fitness Challenge?!?!  Check it out on their Twitter Page - @VictorJHPE
I was the guest instructor for Day 4:

Hopefully you had the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the nice weather today!?!?  My family and I had the opportunity to take a 1.5 Mile Walk (Thank you to everyone who is participating in the 'bear hunt' - placing teddy-bears in your windows... we counted 23 today), 4.71 mile bike ride on the Auburn Trail and large mouth bass fishing... along with playing in the lawn and driveway, of course.  I will say that I caught a MONSTER, but it broke my line when I pulled him on shore, so I don't have any proof, BUT if you happen to see a 16" bass with a spinner lure in it's mouth - That's him... you'll just have to take my word for it wink.

Continue to be safe and hope to see you soon!
Mr. Weimer
​​​​​​If you didn't have the opportunity to watch Dr. Tim Terranova's Facetime Live Town Hall Last Night - you can watch the replay | CLICK HERE
Mr. Sousa's Stay Positive Remind Message of the day: Text @a76433a to 81010 to join:
Wednesday - "Every challenge presents an opportunity!  How you see the world determines the world you see! (Read that again) We will overcome! - Jon Gordon."
Thursday - "You are GREATER than your circumstances, more COURAGEOUS than your fears.  The struggle is real but you are strong. Life is tough but you are tougher."
I had the opportunity to speak with a few student-athletes this morning via 'zoom' in our initial Victor Blue Devil Buzz Session.  If you're interested in be joining this group | CLICK HERE and select 'Web Chat Invitation'... Below are a few discussion topics from today:
  • Add Social Media Handles to Varsity Rosters - voluntary basis only; assist with recruiting and increase level of social footprint accountability (Being done in Club and College level currently)
  • Athletes would like more 'direct' communication from their Coaches (not from Social Media)
  • Consider eliminating Neptune; What other options are available; what was liked/disliked regarding Neptune?
  • Increase Student Spectator Participation (End-Zone Bleachers?)
  • Difficult finding space for training with campus being shut down... looking for options. S&C program has some great options
  • Some have used face-time, zoom and other video chat options to stay connected.
  • At this time, the DL instructional model is working, just concerned about assessments (regent exams)
  • What you 'like' about Victor Athletics... Has a good atmosphere for athletes and there are plenty of opportunities for students to participate. AT and S&C programs are working well for athletes... just need "More Room" and Trainers for Ian (Athletic Training) - This will be done in the 2021 Capital Project
  • Students concerned there was some District Budget Discussion (Modified Sports?)​​​​​
Be Safe, Healthy and Active - Go Blue Devils!
Mr. Weimer
Please see new post from S&C Coordinator Nate VanKouwenberg regarding Mindfulness Workshops | CLICK HERE
Mr. Sousa's Stay Positive Remind Message of the day: Text @a76433a to 81010 to join:
"People often say that adversity makes you stronger, but that's not always true.  Many face adversity and become fearful and fragile as a result.  The truth is adversity makes you stronger if you learn from it, stay positive and resilient, and use it as fuel for your growth."
Here is a great message from Coach Stone to his Athletes that I think is important for everyone to receive...
Dear Players, Families, and Friends,

At all levels of our program, coaches regularly ask, "Why are we here?" and the emphatic reply comes, "To get BETTER!" Now we are facing the question, "Why aren't we here?" The simple answer is "To keep ourselves and everyone else healthy!" Unfortunately, the answers we seek are few and far between and there is nothing simple about what we are experiencing.

Unlike NCAA athletics, spring scholastic sports in New York are suspended in a holding pattern. As coaches, we still look forward to pulling dusty boxes of extra equipment and brand new lacrosse balls out of the storage lockers and hauling them to our locker room. We anticipate piling up hockey equipment left behind in the locker room and reminding Coach Ferrari to tell players to pick it up sooner than later. We miss the frustration of watching ever-changing, often unreliable weather forecasts and creating three different practice plans for a gymnasium, Dryer Road Box, and a grass field, along with a variety of other seasonal regularities! 

We have a new opponent to defeat this spring, and it is not a game. Rules and regulations will continue to change. Bring that same drive, determination, competitiveness, toughness, and teamwork mentality you carry to the field to this fight. "Why aren't we here?" Because it is the best game plan we have right now, and it is what we need to do as a team to achieve our most important victory yet.

Thanks for reading. All the best to you, your family, and friends.
Coach Stone

Here are some additional suggestions from the Tennis Varsity Boys Head Coach: Andrea Tait; PT.
Here are somethings to do to keep our social-emotional selves intact and thriving.

Student-Athletes... We miss you and cannot wait to see you again; however, we’re still receiving messages of ‘group activities’ occurring on campus (Turf, Courts, Track, etc...). You’re trespassing and jeopardizing the Spring Season. PLEASE follow directions and STAY OFF CAMPUS.
The Victor Senior High Positive School Climate Committee is hosting a Home School Spirit Week... CLICK HERE for details and to participate
We continue to add more videos/resources to our site - take the time to watch the video poasted today... If you Want to Change the World - Make Your BED / CLICK HERE
Unfortunately, the NYSPHSAA has decided to CANCEL the Winter 19-20 Championships... Below is the message from Executive Director Dr. Robert Zayas - CLICK HERE for the Official Announcement
Mr. Sousa's Stay Positive Remind Message of the day: Text @a76433a to 81010 to join:
  • Life is a pot of boiling water. Right now the water is hotter than ever!
  • Think about what boiling water does to a carrot and an egg?  
  • The boiling water softens the carrot and hardens the egg.
  • They are changed due to the conditions of their environment!  
  • What happens if you put a coffee bean into the boiling water?
  • The Coffee Bean turns the water into coffee! It transforms its environment!
  • The same harsh environment for all 3...different results!You have the choice everyday to be a carrot, egg, or Coffee Bean! Which one will you choose? #staypositive
Here is Mr. Sousa's Stay Positive Remind Message of the day: Text @a76433a to 81010 to join:
  • 5 Ways to be more Positive
    1. Count your blessings - You can't be stressed and thanful at the same time
    2. See you challenges as opportunities for growth
    3. Don't listen to your negative thoughts
    4. Feed yourself with positive encouragments
    5. Choose faith instead of fear

My High School Football coach (Ronald Wheat, Lyons, NY) used to preach...
"Academics and Athletics... if you don't know which comes first??? - Look it up in the Dictionary!"  
That still rings true today, and please take the time to complete your academics while remaining physically active.  The Health and Physical Education Staff has provided a plethora content for you, and they've been receiving assignments and 'check-ins' from many of you, as well.  Please continue to do so, and you can view our Health & Physical Education Website in the Quick Links.  Your other teachers are also hard at work to provide you with the best education possible using this Distant Learning Model.  This past Winter Season, Victor had earned it's fifth consecutive season where 100% of the Varsity Teams met the NYSPHSAA Scholar-Athlete Requirements - 12/12 Teams; Cumulative Average of 92.67% and 57% of all Varsity Athletes earned a 90% or higher!

We've also been seeing some great photos and videos of student-athletes, coaches and families finding creative ways and/or following the voluntary recommendations to be active while following social distancing guidelines... Amazing work!  Please tag @VictorBLDevils on Twitter using the hashtag #VCSCultureWins or email us what you're doing for personal training... and our staff will do the same.

In the near future, we'll be holding Virtual Blue Devil Buzz Sessions for Student-Athletes to chat and discuss what makes Victor Athletics Great, and areas of recommended growth with myself and the Coaching Staff.  In the meantime, you can reach me via Google Hangout (CLICK HERE to join), Phone 585-924-3252 x6306, Remind Text @vcsbldvls to 81010, Email or Twitter @VictorBLDevils.

Have a Wonderful Day - Go Blue Devils, 
Mr. Weimer
No surprise... The Stay Positive Remind account operated by Mr. Trevor Sousa has maxed out!  Here's how to follow 'Positive 2': Text @a76433a to 81010 to join (Same Messages, just more people!).

We've updated our Quick Links to be a little more user friendly... Hope you have an opportunity to check out the resources we're compiling, and please feel free to send anything you think may help our Student-Athletes, Coach and Families.  We're also looking for any feedback, and are available to answer any of your questions, as well.  Thank you! Mr. W.
The main priority of the Victor Central School Department of Health, Physical Education and Athletics is (and will always be) the physical, mental and social safety and well-being of our student-athletes.  The Coaching Staff uses the mantra (#VCSCultureWins) as prioritized keys to our success.
  1. STUDENTS - Physically, Mentally and Socially Safe
  2. HOW - Worthwhile; Meeting the Districts Mission (To Teach, To Learn, To Support, To Improve, To Achieve!)
  3. WHY - Shared Vision Developed by Staff
  4. GROWTH - Quantifiable Goals/Objectives
  5. ENGAGEMENT - Are they having FUN

On Wednesday, we had scheduled our D1/D2 National Letter of Intent Signing Ceremony Celebration; however, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We would still like to honor them at a later date, but you can see our program here - VCS NLI Program
Congratulations: Kaeleigh Cronin, Olivia Damico, Regan Endres, Cam Germain, Camden Hay, Keith Kolaczyk, Brayden Murphy, Shea Newell, Joey Pezzimenti, Olivia Queri, Erin Ritz, Ethan Roberts, Alec Russell, Katie Sidare and Chloe Whittier
IMPORTANT: Have you had the opportunity to review our Athletic Trainer's (Ian Hurburt) Recommendations related to Social Distancing? CLICK HERE
Here is Mr. Sousa's Stay Positive Remind Message of the day: Text @kkggg3 to 81010 to join:
  • "No matter what life throws at you, & there'll definitely be curve balls you never saw coming, stay positive.  Keep a positive outlook; think positively; speak positively.  A change in attitude changes the way you see the world.  A positive attitude brings a lot of happiness & energy" - Jon Beck (@CoachJonBeck)
Have a Great Day everyone, remain active & be safe!!!
Mr. Weimer
We hope you're finding 'creative' opportunities to continue to connect with family, coaches and teammates/friends during this time of 'social distancing?'  Here is an article that we posted on Social Media on Monday by Dr. Craig Cypher (RIT) specifically geared towards athletes during the COVID-19 Pandemic: (via - Please take a few minutes to read and share!

We'd love to be able to share how your 'thriving,'... so please tag us on Twitter (@VictorBLDevils), submit a story at or send an email (

Our Athletic Offices are currently closed, but you can still call us at 585-924-3252 x6306 or go to to submit any questions/concerns/feedback to us. Thank you!
Some of you have been asking about the status of our Spring Sports Season and our Ice Hockey Championship.  Please continue to be patient and practice Social Distancing Best Practices, and trust that the professionals and leaders of our Section and State Association are doing everything that they can to be mindful and safe in this decision process.  They have reached out to me, and I'm continuing to advocate for YOU; however, this is much bigger than a game/season... so continue to stay positive and lets get through this together.

Stay Safe - Go Blue Devils!
Mr. Weimer
Thank you to Coach Mike Ferreri for passing this along... it is applicable now, more than ever.
  • The Academy for Sports Leadership Five Core Concerns; Appreciation, Association, Achievement, Autonomy (self-direction) and Role (status) apply to everyone—each of your student-athletes. However, it’s not enough for players to know they need to appreciate one another, they must figure out how to appreciate each individual.
    1. Make it a practice to notice what your players are doing right. Model the way for your student-athletes to notice and appreciate teammates. The more you notice what’s meaningful to each student-athlete the more positive your impact on each person is likely to be.
    2. Avoid complacency. Pause, reflect, and help each student-athlete accomplish their goals within the team structure.
    3. As athletes mature they want to be accomplished leaders. They need to be given the opportunity and challenge to pass on what they know to the next generation of leaders.

Here are some Great suggestions for Athletes from a PCA Article regarding the situation we're in:
  • Recognize how important it is to take excellent care of your body when things are difficult. When we face disappointment, fear, or stress, it is important that we pay particularly close attention to our nutrition, hydration, exercise, and sleep. 
    • Our staff continues to provide great resources in the 'Voluntary Recommendation' Area
  • Continue to be a great teammate. If you are able, reach out to teammates and friends to ask how they’re doing and whether they’re ok. The act of supporting and showing care for each other will benefit and strengthen both of you.
    • I suggest you pick a teammate (or two, or three), and Call Them each day.
  • Be courageous about asking for help. Parents, coaches, and other trusted adults want to support you during difficult times. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, or depressed, let one of the adults you trust know very specifically. Ask them for a time you can have an honest talk with them when they can be free of other distractions. Be honest with them about what’s going on and how you are feeling. Don’t hesitate to ask for help for fear that your concerns aren’t important.

Here is Mr. Sousa's first Stay Positive Remind Message: Text @kkggg3 to 81010 to join:
  • "Faith and fear have one thing in common besides the letter F.  They both believe in a future that hasn't happened, yet.  Fear believes in a negative future, Faith believes in a positive future.  If neither has happened, yet why wouldn't we choose to believe in a positive future?"

The Victor Coaching Staff continues to impress me with their compassion, dedication and willingness to strive for greatness; especially when given the most difficult of challenges... Thank you for your Leadership - #VCSCultureWins
  • Coach Andrea Tait, PT (Tennis Boys Head Coach) has started a Social/Emotional Needs Document that you can utilize if you choose to... Thank you Coach Tait for going above and beyond (Also available in Quick Links)
  • Nate VanKouwenberg (Strength & Conditioning Coordinator) has developed a program utilizing the TrainHeroic app for athletes to utilize at Home... select HERE for details or in 'Voluntary Recommendations' in Quick Links.
  • Please consider signing up for Mr. Sousa's (Golf Boys Varsity Head Coach) Stay Positive Remind Account - Text @kkggg3 to 81010 to join if you’d like to receive a daily positive quote! Spread the word to all of your friends!  We might be distant learning, but I want to be connected! 
Voluntary Recommendations for Student-Athletes can be found in the QUICK LINKS at the bottom or to the left of this page.

Student-Athletes!!! During this ‘pause’ you could still be working on valuable leadership skills... #VCSCultureWins Check out the FREE Captains Course from the NFHS Learning Center!
To All Victor Blue Devils Coaches, Athletes, Families and Supporters,

The COVID-19 situation is very dynamic and rapidly changing; however, the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and community members is our paramount priority.  With the recent developments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic (‘Coronavirus’), and through correspondences with State, Regional and Local Health Professionals, the NYSPHSAA, Section V, the MCPSAC and Victor Central District Administration, it is with great regret that I inform you that the Spring 2020 Interscholastic-Athletics Season is postponed effectively immediately UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  We will continually reassess the situation and provide additional guidance and direction for the remainder of the year.

The decision to temporarily suspend the privilege of participating in 7th-12th grade educationally-based athletics is an appropriate course of action at this particular time for the safety and well-being of all our student-athletes, coaches, staff and spectators.  Additionally, all indoor and outdoor practices (team & individual), contests, OTAs, banquets, team gatherings, strength and conditioning, camps/clinics, etc... are postponed, as well as all facility reservations for school functions (Tier 1), community group (Tier 2) and private organizations (Tier 3).

We strongly discourage any/all student-led or parent-led practices.  This situation is new for everyone and unprecedented, but a parallel for consideration would be to treat each day until further notice as a weather emergency.  Campus is officially closed; however, this also includes off-campus gatherings for our student-athletes.  Unfortunately, if we're unable to stop the spread of COVID-19 or it gets worse, then we could be jeopardizing the entire Spring Sports Season.  The expectation is that 'ALL' will comply with the 'social distancing' best practice, and all MCPSAC and Section V Athletic Departments are consistent with this message... we appreciate your understanding.

Further information will be released by the Victor Central School District as it becomes available.  Please check our website, Twitter @VictorBLDevils and Remind (Text @vcsbldvls to 81010) to stay up-to-date.  You may also review Dr. Terranova’s communications to the Victor community here.  Thank you for your cooperation during these unprecedented and challenging times.  In the meantime, let’s take good care of ourselves and each other.  

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns using the form in QUICKLINKS.
Duane 'Duey' Weimer
Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics

Contact: Duane Weimer (Director of Athletics)