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ATTENDING GAMES: To adhere to current COVID-19 state safety guidelines, the Victor CSD must limit capacity for all Interscholastic-Athletic Events. As a result, and until further notice, spectators/attendees for athletic events will be limited to TWO PERSONS PER PLAYER on each team’s roster. These events are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, including the student body.  There will be no exceptions for small children, divorced/separated parents, brothers/sisters, grandparents, extended family, etc...

PASS GUIDELINES - The Victor Athletic Pass is to be issued by the VCS Director of Athletics ONLY, and a limited number of passes are distributed to specific individuals and pass numbers are assigned.  The bearer of the pass must be prepared to display it at the attendance gate, provide any additional information if requested and ensure that it is visible at all times while at the event.  Spectators without a pass will not be admitted.  Spectator passes are not transferrable between sports or levels of competition. They are only valid for an event in which the issued athlete is rostered. Example 1: A pass issued to a tennis player is not valid for soccer. Example 2: A JV soccer pass is not valid for varsity soccer.  Lanyards and passes are the property of the Victor CSD and MUST BE RETURNED at the conclusion of the season.

UPDATED PASS GUIDELINES (Wednesday; 4/28/2021)
Victor Central Program Specific Protocols and Spectator Limitations
All Away contests for Victor Teams & Visiting Team Spectators on Victor Central Campus... 2 Spectators per athlete - must have Valid (Activity Gender Level) Specific Pass.  This standard has been approved by the MCPSAC, and promotes additional HOME contest attendance.

(Per Athlete)
  V JV MOD  
Lacrosse Boys 4 4 6  
Lacrosse Girls 6 5 6  
Softball 6 6 6  
Baseball 6 6 6  
Tennis Boys 6 6 6  
Track & Field Boys/Girls 2 N/A 2  
Golf Boys N/A N/A N/A  
Every attendee will need to have their name recorded and complete a verbal Daily Health Screening from the Event Staff
*** Certain Events may have additional spectator parameters... please check this site for specifics:

Victor Blue Devils Students, Families, Friends and Fans,

We are aware of the new CDC guidelines that were released on April 27, specific to masking recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals.  Our goal as an Athletic Department has not changed.  We must remain diligent in our efforts to lower the countywide transmission rate in order to return all students to more in-person instruction as quickly as possible. To do this, our mask requirements at all athletic events for spectators remains in effect and applies to all indoor and outdoor contests. We want to reiterate this expectation and avoid any disruption for spectators who wish to attend in-person.

It is important to note, the CDC still recommends that fully vaccinated people should wear masks when attending sporting events. Spectators refusing to wear masks will not be given access to the athletic event.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and compliance, and keeping our student athletes, coaches and community safe and active.

Duane J. Weimer
Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics
Victor CSD

Also in alignment with CDC and state guidance, the district expects/requires anyone on campus to wear a face covering, and to maintain 6 feet physical distance with anyone outside your household at all times.  Bleachers and Grass Areas surrounding the Fields/Courts are Clearly Defined with X's and White Paint.  The Victor Campus Venue Map with Check-In and Approved Spectator Locations is Listed Below.  If Victor Central Event Staff witness spectators not following this guideline, they may be asked to put on a face covering. If that does not happen, spectators will be asked to leave. Please show mutual respect to all. Anyone who interacts with VCS events on campus or elsewhere is subject to the rules of the District’s Code of Conduct.

WATCH GAMES LIVES: Victor Central and the MCPSAC has partnered with Varsity Media (VM), which works statewide with schools, to broadcast varsity contests.  Victor will also be livestreaming contests when available - You can find all contest links on the Victor Blue Devils YouTube Page.

  • Current guidance suggests not holding large gatherings where masking and social distancing can't be maintained. As a result, we're requesting athletic teams not hold team bonding events, pasta parties, tailgate parties, end of season banquets, Booster Concession Stands or any Food Items, etc. until further guidance is received.  Hydration Breaks & Tolerance due to Vigorous Activity should be the ONLY reason Face Covering Removal.
  • Once a numbered pass is recorded at the entrance gate, any additional entry attempted with a similarly numbered pass will be rejected. In addition, any unauthorized reproductions of passes will render a pass number invalid for the remainder of the season. No additional passes will be issued.
  • Watching an athletic event from outside the designated spectator areas is not allowed and doing so could jeopardize our ability to allow any spectators at our events. Example: Watching an event from outside of the stadium fencing.
  • In the event of a contact tracing situation, the name of the person completing this form will be shared with the department of health.
  • All Essential Personnel MUST BE preapproved and assigned by the Athletic Office, and MUST complete their rSchoolToday Daily Health Screening.               

Contact: Duane Weimer
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