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Hello everyone! Here is an opportunity for online Mindfulness workshops for student athletes! Give it a try! - Coach V.

Mindful Yoga for Athletes via Zoom beginning Saturday March 21st through  May 2nd at 11 am. I am hoping life is starting to return to normal by then. This will be free of charge and open to both high school and college athletes.  

There will be a 15 mindfulness  practice followed by a 30 minute yoga practice. Relevant messages focusing on how to stay mentally and physically strong during this new world athletes are navigating will be thread throughout the class.

Students can use the following link to register and sign into the class. It will be the same link for all 7 sessions.  They will need to register for each session, but they can register for all of them at once.

Registration URL: CLICK HERE

I am here to support our student athletes in whatever way I can, so feel free to reach out. Your more than welcome share this email with whomever you would think would be interested. Thanks!

Be Well,

Coaches & Athletes,
I hope everyone is doing well, despite the circumstances. My heart goes out to all of you that have had your seasons cut short. 

To help provide some structure while physically away from school and sports, I've added a program to our TrainHeroic account that can all be performed at home with NO equipment required! It is a comprehensive program focusing on speed, power and strength. 

Even without weights, we got creative with ways to add time under tension and external load with things around the house. The good news is that the Residual Training Effect for Max Strength can be as much as 30 days. So even without heavy lifting, our kids should not lose much, if any strength if they follow these workouts consistently. Speed and Power have a much shorter Residual Training Effect, but the good news is you don't need equipment to sprint and jump!

  1. Athletes will need to download the free TrainHeroic app
  2. Contact your program/team coach to access the codes
  3. Code Choices (No Equipment / Phase 1; Home Equipment)
  4. Follow TrainHeroic App Regimen
Feel free to reach out anytime with questions using this form:  S&C QUESTIONS
Thanks! Stay healthy!

Nate VanKouwenberg
Victor Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

Contact: Nate VanKouwenberg (Victor Strength & Conditioning Coordinator)